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But first…

* We kindly ask that you arrive to your appointment wearing no eye makeup; This will ensure that your lashes are residue free, which will allow the keratin to work its magic and fully absorb into the lash follicle - leaving you with the best results possible!

* If you wear contacts, it would be beneficial to bring (or arrive wearing) your glasses; Wearing contacts is not allowed during the treatment.

* While most clients experience zero side effects - please be aware that depending on skin sensitivity, a temporary and mild puffiness of the eyelid may occur. Due to this, if this is your first lash lift treatment, we highly suggest not coming in on the same day of an important event - just to be on the safe side!


And Then…

* Be prepared to have your eyes closed for the majority of the service (about an hour - hour 1/2). By all means, feel free to bring your headphones and enjoy listening to your favorite music or podcast station!

* If you would like to add-on any services such as waxing, we will happily perform that additional service while your lashes are processing.



* Do not wet your lashes for 48 hours. Why? Your lift isn’t quite done yet! Lashes will continue to be infused with vitamins, proteins and keratins for the next 2 days - further boosting, plumping and lifting your overall results. Introducing water before those 48 hours will interfere with that process - hindering your lifts overall potential.

* What else is included into this rule? Mascara and lash serums. Heavy workouts are also best to steer clear from, and while this may not be a concrete rule, we suggest sleeping without an eye mask for these few days as well; We don’t want to risk any permanent change to the curvature of your lift.

* After 48 hours: Well done, Sugar! You’re now free to go about your every day beauty regimen.