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You must know



  • Avoid wearing mascara (especially waterproof mascara) 48-72 hours prior to your appointment. This will ensure that your lashes are clean and residue free - also ensuring full product absorption.

  • Day of Appointment: Please do not arrive with any eye make up on whatsoever. Doing so will not only cut into your appointment time (risking rushed results), there is also a risk of mascara residue being left behind - hindering the process and your long term results.

  • If you wear contacts, it would be best to arrive wearing your glasses instead! Wearing contacts is not allowed during the procedure in order to avoid irritation. We also recommend wearing your glasses for the next day or so instead of your contacts to prevent any water (solution/tears) from touching your lashes for the next 48 hours.



  • Be prepared to have your eyes closed for the majority of the service - about an hour to an hour 1/2. Many clients take this time to relax and nap, while others bring headphones and listen to their podcasts or music - whatever works best for you!

  • If you would like to add-on any services such as waxing, no problem! We will happily perform additional services while your lashes are processing.

  • Lash tinting is included in the Lash Lift - helping lashes to appear full and thick. If you wish to not have lash tinting done, simply let us know.

  • The Dewy Lip Treatment is also included in this service! While your lashes are processing, we will use our favorite Sugar Lip Scrub to buff away any dry/dead skin, followed by our Hydrating Lip Clay Mask, and topping things off with one of our favorite products, The Avocado Lip Hydrator - leaving your lips looking and feeling fresh, hydrated and well…dewy!



  • Do not wet your lashes or use any other lash products/mascara for 48 hours. Why? Because the lift is still working its magic. Your lashes getting wet will not only deactivate the keratin, it will cause your lift to flop and drop.

  • Included into this rule: Eyelash serums, eye creams, extreme workouts, saunas, steam rooms, books/films that cause you to weep - when it comes to your lashes, for 48 hours, just say no to H2O.

  • We also recommend not going to bed with a sleeping mask on for those first few days to avoid your lashes from getting smashed - better safe than sorry!

  • Once the 48 hours have passed, feel free to go about your normal beauty routine (although we do suggest to stay away from waterproof mascara). Applying our Keratin Mascara both in the morning and at night will help keep your lashes nourished, healthy and shiny.