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At The Southern Cottage Spa, we’re all about the natural (with a touch of glamour). This is why the YUMI Lash Lift has found its way through our French doors and onto our menu.

The Yumi lash lift is not a lash perm or false lashes. This is a natural, hypoallergenic service that not only gives your lashes that feathered curl, it will also infuse the structure of your lashes with vitamins, keratin and protein - making your lashes healthier and stronger! No more breakage and damage that is caused by false lashes and curlers. Your lashes can now be strong, healthy and breathtaking all on their own.

Enjoy waking up each morning to natural curled lashes for up to 8 weeks.

A darling service!




Michelle is two very important things: meticulous and with very good taste. When you’re dealing with aeshetics these are the only things that count.

These things drive the way she looks after your skin or does your waxing or your lash lift. She pays painstaking attention to detail and works to always give you the best visual and aesthetic result.

I especially love the Yumi Lash Lift. She doesn’t just treat the lash and then be done with it. She takes her time, separating each and every single one through the process so that the result is flawless and natural. If your feet are cold during your treatment, she has comfy socks for you to wear. It’s these sorts of details that set her apart from the rest. She does her best and wants the best for you.

Add to that, the Southern Cottage Spa is adorable! It’s tiny and intimate and is done in tasteful style and design, again reflective of her eye towards aesthetics. There’s only one room which means you are getting personalized, one-on-one service every time.

If you knew how fussy I was you would know how meaningful this review is. But since you don’t, all you need to know is that I travel all the way from Hollywood to the Pacific Palisades regularly just to do my waxing with her. That’s the magic of Michelle!
— Rebecca Suhrawardi